A self drilling screw with a CSK head has a flat top surface. This makes it suitable for softer materials such as wood by allowing a flush fit. The single operation of drilling, tapping and fastening wood to metal makes for speedy installation. This saves both time and effort.

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Drill-Point Material is generally plain carbon steel which is less stable at high temperatures than equivalent high-speed steel (HSS) drill-bits. To reduce wear on the drill point, fasten using a drill motor rather than an impact driver or hammer drill.

High Temperature Stability affects how quickly the drill point fails due to the heat generated by the drilling operation. Refer to the troubleshooting guide at the end of this section for some visual examples.

Drilling Temperature is directly proportional to motor RPM, applied force, and work material hardness. As each value increases, so does the heat generated by the drilling operation.

Reducing Applied Force can increase durability and allow the drill point to penetrate thicker materials (i.e., remove more material before failing due to heat buildup).


  • Zinc Electroplated
  • Class-3 Coating
  • Passivated