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meet the spacialist

Mr. Devaki Nandan Aggarwal | Owner

The Founder

“…Serve Quality Products…
… Achieve Client Satisfaction…”

- Moto in Life

Born in the year 1944, Mr. Devaki Nandan Aggarwal was a free spirited and enthusiastic young lad with a dream to make it big.

After his post-graduation from Mumbai University, he switched base to Amritsar (Punjab) in the year 1975 and joined in the private sector – The Freedom Group (Cycle spare parts and tyres industry) as a supervisor and technical assistant. After gaining ample of experience and knowledge, he ventured into establishing PVS Industrial Corporation in the year 1977 in Amritsar.

Very much into his new venture, Mr. Aggarwal always remained associated with The Freedom Group, and supplied them with the fastener products as and when the need for the same arised.

PVS Industrial Corporation, then, was a retail unit dealing in fastener products serving various industries like fans, motors, cycles and general hardware products.

In the year 1991, PVS Industrial Corporation Retail Unit was expanded to a Semi Wholesale Unit.

As his son, Mr. Pradeep, joined in the business in the year 1997, the Semi Wholesale Unit was successfully transformed into a Full-fledged Wholesale and Manufacturing Unit and it made its presence felt in deep corners of the nation.

In the year 2012, the business switched base to Bhiwandi, Mumbai and continued its rapid growth in the fastener industry.

As of today, Mr. Aggarwal Senior, is at his best in sports and enjoys life to the fullest. He spends his time enjoying the fruits of his hard work and optimum dedication.

Even today, Mr. Aggarwal Senior has a keen interest in the day to day business operation of PVS Industrial Corporation and discusses the various ways and means to expand and innovate further with Mr. Aggarwal Junior.

meet the spacialist

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal | Owner

The Propagator

“…Fulfil Your Commitments…
… Achieve Best Performance…”

- Moto in Life

Born in the year 1980, Mr. Pradeep always had the curiosity to learn new technologies and innovate new products. Right after his formal education, he plunged into the running business in the year 1997 and was an able supporter to his father and an avid learner of tricks and the nitty-gritties of the market.

In the year 2012, Mumbai, the wholesale business was gradually expanded to the import and export trade to the world markets of China, Taiwan and most of the South East Asian regions. The company also has a firm presence in the Gulf Region.

Today, Mr. Aggarwal Junior has achieved immense knowledge in the import and export trade and national and international business through his dedication and perseverance.

Mr. Pradeep is always on the lookout for something new and innovative to be offered to the market and the end user clients and business associates.

PVS Industrial Corporation is in very stable hands and is bound to achieve new heights and business standards going forward.

Business Highlights:

PVS Industrial Corporation is in very stable hands and is bound to achieve new heights and business standards going forward.

What our clients say

  • Mr. Govind Rathore
    I give a top rating to PVS Industrial Corporation product range and quality. The use of advanced technology in the product manufacturing process needs a special mention too. They have a solution to meet your every need
    Mr. Govind Rathore
  • Mr. Raghav Aggarwal
    We consider PVS Industrial Corporation to be a perfect solution provider. Very professional, specialized and committed. The service and personal attention is extraordinary.
    Mr. Raghav Aggarwal
  • Mr. Navin Gupta
    PVS Industrial Corporation is a team of excellent professionals. The product quality and range are exceptional and beyond what we could have anticipated. Best quality service all the way from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work
    Mr. Navin Gupta
  • Mr. Onkar Singh
    We have always received the best service from PVS Industrial Corporation. Timely Deliver has always been their mantra. They have always met our expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and a courteous manner.
    Mr. Onkar Singh

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