Self-tapping screws are different to traditional screws as they tap their own threads when screwed into either plastic, wood or metal. The Torx compatible drive is a reliable method of fixing screws. This drive can take more torque and does not slip.

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The hexalobular socket screw drive, known as Torx or star drive, uses a star-shaped recess in the fastener with six rounded points.

The whole screw is protected with a silver slide coat. This coating not only adds additional corrosion protection it also reduces the screw in resistance.


  • The pilot hole size is very important to achieve a proper installation. Make trials using the guidelines in the product datasheets before mass production. The hole size would be dependent upon the base material strength, base material thickness, pull out strength and ease of installation required.
  • Do not overtighten. Use the correct tightening Torque as recommended. See the product datasheets for information. Usage of Torque control drivers is suggested.
  • Do NOT use the screws to compensate for any alignment defects by applying more force than required. This will cause unstability of the connection and unpredictable failure.
  • Use the correct countersink tool for CSK screws to achieve a flush fixing.
  • Use a good quality drive bit to avoid excessive play and Cam out problems.