Made by high quality low carbon headed steel wire, make sure shear studs mechanical properties and welding property, no cracks on studs’ heads. High precision multi-station cold forming machine, ensure high precision and constant shear studs dimensions, round chamfer at the end of the studs.

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Shear stud (also known as shear connector) is designed to operate in conjunction with the steel plate, welding steel mesh & cement modeled objects. It is used in construction of tall buildings, bridges and a variety of steel structures, where concrete composite action is required. The drawn-arc process, done with a specialist gun, is used for stud welding. Studs are loaded into the gun and on making electrical contact with the work, the tipped end arcs and melts. The duration of the arc is timed to establish a molten state between the end of the stud and the parent material, and then the stud is plunged into the weld pool.

A ceramic ferrule surrounds the stud to protect and support the weld pool, stabilize the arc and mould a weld collar. It is chipped off when the weld solidifies. Shear Stud produces a full crosssectional weld, forming a bond that is stronger than the surrounding metal. It improves the strength of the structure while efficiently & economically combining the floor plate with the steel beam.