Roofing bolts have a large flat head and a threaded body, supplied with a square nut which is tightened when fixing. Their head allows them to spread the weight further than a standard bolt, making them suitable for fastening to thin materials without causing damage.

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Roofing bolts are actually made to be used in lots of different applications other than roofing. While they are ideal for joining metal to metal, they also work for other construction materials. Primarily we supply these bolts for fitting cable tray and trunking.

They are designed with a large flat head because the wide surface on that head allows the holding force to be spread further than a standard bolt. This means a more secure holding. Damage to the material is also reduced as the stress/tension spreads throughout the bolt.

Typically, roofing bolts are fully threaded which makes them even more suitable for diverse applications as they can join thin or thick materials, dependent on how far the bolt needs to be installed.

With this in mind, when deciding on materials for a project, contractors should look toward roofing bolts as the solution to solving the demands of multiple fixtures.