Mirror Screws are the best way to fix mirrors to any wall. Combined with mirror screw caps, they provide a secure and decorative fixing for mirrored panels, vanity mirrors, or any type of thin panel such as splash backs or access panels.

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One of the best things about mirror screws is that the mirror/panel can be easily removed, making mirror screws ideal for fixing access panels which need to be regularly opened, or opened quickly in the case of an emergency. One drawback is there are two different male thread options in 5BA & 6BA which can make choosing & ordering the correct type somewhat confusing if you have never ordered or used mirror screws before.

The fixing process is very simple for mirror screws. There are two main components – a mirror screw & a mirror cap. If we looked at the installation of an un-framed glass mirror as an example, the mirror screw is the part that secures the mirror in place, much like a normal screw. You must select the correct size screw dependent on the fixing holes in the mirror, the thickness & weight of the mirror, and the material of the wall you are fixing it to, as you would if fixing with ‘standard’ screws. The difference with mirror screws as opposed to normal screws, is that mirror screws have either a 5BA or 6BA female threaded sleeve on the head to accept a decorative mirror screw cap once installed. This gives a clean, aesthetic finish. The mirror cap is fixed onto the mirror screw once the mirror is securely installed and can be removed/replaced without having to remove the mirror screw or mirror from the wall.