A Self-Drilling Screw is a Self-Tapping Screw with the added feature of a drill point. The drill point looks a lot like the point of a drill. It will drill a hole and form the mating threads in one operation.

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The Square socket is a special offer from us and offers many advantages over the phillips drive head.

There are two main advantages because of its design: it makes inserting the tool easier and tends to help keep the screw on the tool tip without the user needing to hold it there.

The primary advantage to square-drive screws is they are much less prone to “cam-out.” Cam-out refers to the slipping of the bit in the screw head as the screw is driven.

Because of this special design and lower availability of driving tool, is is also less prone to theft and tampering.


  • Zinc Electroplated
  • Class-3 Coating
  • Passivated