Things To Consider Before Choosing Industrial Fastener Solutions

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Stainless steel fasteners are a great choice for most industrial applications. When it comes to industrial applications, you need to be sure that you choose the correct fastener, as well as the correct material for the fastener. If you’re working in certain environments and you choose a fastener made of the wrong metal, there is a chance that the fastener could rust, or bend and break. Here is a list of stainless steel fasteners to use for your industrial applications:

Construction Fasteners

Security anchors are a stainless steel fastener that can be placed into premade holes in concrete or brick and as the anchor is tightened, the component pushes outwards and fixes itself into the wall so that it cannot be pulled outward.

Sheer Bolts and nuts are fasteners that can be made in stainless steel. They are one-way fasteners that are difficult to remove and can be protected from forceful removal by being case hardened.

Security Fasteners

Shear snap-off screws use a mechanism that allows a person to tighten the top hexagonal piece of the bolt until it snaps off. Once it has reached the point, the screw cannot be removed. This makes it the perfect stainless steel fastener for security applications.

Electrical Box Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners such as the M3.5 raised countersunk security screw can be used for applications such as electrical boxes, access control panels and even light switches in any public or private areas.

Architectural Fasteners

Stainless steel security barrel nuts can be used in architectural applications in order to fasten sheets of glass, metal or other materials together. The stainless steel fasteners secure the sheets and they create a clean, aesthetic look.

It is also worthy to mention that stainless steel fasteners can be used in marine applications, the kind of fastener will vary depending on the job.

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